Specialty Fabrication


With Paternoster's wide array of fabrication capabilities, we are able to produce all manner of specialty items & components, from tanks to hoppers, from instrument housings to valve bodies, from motor housings to cabinets....


Specialising in custom fabrication in Stainless Steel & industrial Plastics, feel free to talk to us about your unique industrial needs.   


-     Tanks & Vessels

-     Custom Coolers

-     Valve bodies

-     Instrument housings

-     Large structural assemblies

-     Accoustic enclosures

-     Equipment housings

-     Experimental equipment

-     Prototypes

-     You name it....


Custom air/water cooling assembly
Custom fabricated fuel pressure vessels
Custom stainless steel component
Custom air heater
Stainless Steel solenoid valves & tube assemblies
Custom welded steel brackets
Screwed flange assemblies
Custom stainless steel fluid tank, with screwed connections
Custom electric motor cowling assembly
Specialist Materials:

-     304 or 316 Stainless Steel

-     Carbon Steel

-     Copper Spool Fabrication

-     Industrial IR Welded Plastics