Quality Assurance you can rely on...



Paternoster is not only certified to ISO 9001, but we live and breath quality everyday.  We offer our clients the highest specification materials & components, and ensure all our workmanship is in strict compliance to recognised & relevant industry standards.  Paternoster can also meet & gaurantee systems to client preferred specifications where required.



Common Standards:

-    AS4041 Pressure Piping

-    ASME B31.3 Pressure Piping

-    AS1210 Pressure Vessels

-    AS3000 Electrical Wiring

-    AS2129 Flanges

-    ASME B16.5 Flanges

-    To name a few.....



Typical Quality Documentation available:

-    Custom Engineering drawings

-    Certificates of Conformity to standards

-    Certificates of Hydrotest

-    Design Registrations (for Pressure Vessels)

-    Certificates of Test (for Pressure Safety Valves)

-    Material Certificates for Traceability

-    Qualified Weld Procedures

-    Welder Qualifications

-    Inspection & Test Plans (ITP's)

-    Fabrication Schedules

-    Vendor Document Registers (VDR's)

-    Full MDR documentation

-    Non-Destructive Testing Results (NDT)

-    Others as required.....