Custom Industrial Equipment Packages & Plumbing Systems for a variety of Industries…


Paternoster offers custom Design, Fabrication, Testing, Installation & Maintenance of industrial equipment packages & plumbing systems.  We also offer specialist fabrication services for components (particularly in Stainless Steel & Plastics).


As every Paternoster project is different, we have developed a wealth of experience over 34 years in the business, and can tailor a solution to meet the client's unique set of requirements & specifications. 

Specialty Engineered Systems:

-          Equipment Skid Mounting

-          Equipment Containerising

-     Compressed Air Systems

-          Water Cooling Systems

-          Fuel Delivery Systems

-          Exhaust ductwork

-     Steam Process Systems

-          Custom Plant Pipework

-     RO, DI, ETP & UPW Water Systems

-          Specialised Component Fabrication

-     Tradewaste Treatment Plants




Specialty Fabrication Services:

-    Welded pipework fabrication

-    Skid Frame fabrication

-    Stainless Steel components & assemblies

-    Industrial plastic components

-    Custom Equipment Frames

-    DLI Gas & Fuel Welding

-    Pressure Vessels & Tanks



Other Products & Services:

-    OEM Piping System Components

-    Valving & Instrumentation

-    Installation & Commissioning

-    Shutdown Maintenance



-          Manufacturing

-          Mining

-          Oil & Gas

-          Chemical / Processing

-          Water

-          Food & Beverage

-          Pharmaceutical

-          Power Generation

-          Building Services

Supplier of OEM Piping Systems:

Infinity OEM Piping system logo
Infinity OEM piping system

Infinity Benefits:

 - Full metal construction

 - Simple/Repeatable assembly

 - Easy to modify or extend


Georg Fischer Benefits:

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Georg Fischer OEM piping system

Below:  A broad selection of pictures from previous Paternoster projects, showing the depth & breadth of our business (click each photo to enlarge)

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