Engineering Design Capabilities



Using Solidworks Professional 3D modelling package, Paternoster is able to efficiently produce precise Engineering models consisting of OEM equipment, skid bases, frames & roofs, interconnecting pipework & valving, electrical cabinets, and any other significant components or assemblies.  Paternoster can also produce detailed 2D drawings (General Arrangements, P&I Diagrams, Circuit Diagrams, etc.) for formal client review. 

















Fabrication Capabilities



Paternoster has a wide array of fabrication techniques available to meet your specific requirements.  Our manual or automated welding is among the best quality available anywhere! 



Whatever the project demands, we can take care of it.

Orbital welding of 316 stainless steel piping spool
Engineering 3D CAD model of custom skid mounted compressed air package
3D CAD model of a pipe spool with flanges
Closeup of Engineering GA drawing
Closeup of Engineering P&I diagram